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 Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 12:08 am

posted by Nimue on Wednesday, June 5th 2013 @ 6:16 AM

Michael Jackson
Superfan Anted Up $16K
To Fly Banners Over Trial


One of Michael Jackson's biggest fans is SO CONVINCED there's something fishy about his death ... that she dropped $16,800 on her credit cards to have conspiracy-theory banners flown all over the L.A. area ... TMZ has learned.

The message-towing planes mysteriously started buzzing L.A. 2 weeks ago with banners like, "FOLLOW THE $ TO MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH" ... and "LAPD -- HONOR BOUND TO TELL TRUTH FOR MJ."

Sources connected to AirSign, the company flying the banners, confirmed to TMZ ... a Hollywood costume shop worker paid for 11 flights over several locations including the downtown L.A. courthouse where Michael's wrongful death lawsuit is going on right now.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, tells us ... "I'm hoping that someone will look at those messages and say, 'If someone feels that strongly about it, maybe this is worth looking into."

As for the massive cc debt ... she says she can handle it because she's single and kid-free.

And in case you think she's totally nuts ... she does have one connection to MJ. The shop where she works supplied some costumes for "This Is It."

Totally worth it.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/06/05/michael-jackson-aerial-banners-wrongful-death-trial/#ixzz2VLal8vyW
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 12:21 am

posted by Nimue on Wednesday, June 5th 2013 @ 8:39 PM


♛TeamMichaelJackson♛ ‏@TeamMichael777 6h

Panish discussions with Judge for the contract produced by Putnam/Stebbins for Hulk with date in eligible. Stebbin says that's all they have

Judge has asked Putnam/Stebbins to produce the contract with the DATE on it, Stebbins swears it was signed b4MJ passed

Depo of Phillips already played 5minutes into this mornings testimony, you know what means. Impeachment. Didnt hear?tryi 2ft update on Paris

Witness's instructed to answer questions by Judge... Randy SLUG Phillips still being arrogant

Goal for 02 was to go after Worldwide icon? Yes but we have many shows events there. LETS PLAY THE VIDEO


Vid played: " the goal for 92 (O2?) is to get those on top of the A list artist, and Michael is the top of them all" RP

MJ wanted 2 do movies? Yes. Do u think he would've been good? Well Thriller type yes. Thriller 3D would've made u plenty of $$? Bla bla Yes

Phillips has now contradicted himself twice in only 10 mins......

U knew MJ been on tours B4? U no bout Dangerous tour? Well I was not on it. Sir answer the question? Yes I no of it

Did u know MJ had probs with Pres meds on Dangerous tour? No, I didn't know until here now. U didnt see news articles? Yes in 07

You just said u didn't? Well I didn't know about rehab, just saw articles. PG was on Dangerous tour u Neva asked him? No, never

When you received emails from PG did u ask him what probs he had? No. You NEVER asked PG bout MJs probs? No

U knw Dr Finklestein? Yes he gave me flue shot. As far as u know there were no communications with Dr Finks 5yr prior 2MJ death with AEG?

Yes ther was interaction Dr Finks & his wife were giving flue shots in Honda center in Anaheim. Any oth comm with him..

Was he bought there by AEGLive? Yes. In that 5yr oth then flue shot r u aware of any oth comm with Dr Finks? No

Phillips claims he didn't read his full depo, only read the summary


Depo: MJ article, stating MJ had problems with alcohol and drugs. Stebbins objections again. More arguments, Stebbins says she's CONFUSED.

Vid played again. Article Dec 08, "Jackson could well be suffering due to his probs with alcohol+pres meds" by DD

Stebbins was given the full piece, but she can't find it, Judge told her to read it. She can't find it.Panish highlighted it for her. Shestr

Phillips says in recorded depo he never saw it, has no faith in English tabloid. Panish shows email from Nnula of CC, 2RP with that article


RP then FW2TT

" hey doc have u seen this" .
I don't remember. U probably read it? I really don't remember

What did you do after you learned MJ had probs with alcohol? Don't remember, it has lots of paragraph.

Did you do anything to see if MJ had probs with alcohol? No. Did u speak to Dr Murray bout this? No

02-Were u late bc MJ was drunk & despondent? Well he had a hangover by time I got there. PAHISH REPEATS? Not answered


"MJ was nt speaking 2 TT bc of stupid auct he set up, till we left 4UK on plane I chartered, press conference happening was miracle"RP

Did u yell at Mr Jackson? I raised my voice. Did u yell at Mr Jackson? I exaggerated in that email. Did u yell at Mr Jackson? No

This is being taken out of context, u had 2 be there to know. DID U YELL AT MR JACKSON? I got agitated

in the day we were late. Did u yell at Mr Jackson? I can't answer that

Did u scream at Mr Jackson? I may have raised my voice. PLAY THE DEPO. IMPEACHED

was there a problem with MJs appearance at the conference? To best of my knowledge from statements made 2me , that..Tohme told me.

He may be hung over. U didnt see it urself? I went into the room, I don't drink, so I don't know.. Was Mr JAXN drunk? No

Sir u said in ur depo Mr JAXN was NOT drunk/despondant? Yes. I want 2 show u an email. Let me know when u r ready? I'm ready

Is that one of emails u viewed? Yes. Who u writing this 2? Tim. Leiweke. Who was he? I was reporting 2 him. Y He's left? Don't know why

Questioned repeated... Excuses made,, objections made, ALL overruled

"We were instructed not to discuss why Mr T. Leiweke left the company"RP. Who told u? Who told u? Who told u???????? Repeated...

OBJECTION... Relevance, he's left....OVERRULED

ALRIGHT ILL ANSWER, There was a disagreement between Mr Anschutz & Mr Leiweke. Was he fired? There was a meeting then he left, I don't know.

Why did he leave? I don't know what happened, if there was phone calls or emails. But sir u just said there was a meeting? Oh, we'll, uh um

Who told you not to discuss why he is no longer working for AEG? Beckerman/Leiweke... Okay. On to THE email


TL replies

"r u kidding me?"
RP replies
Now I want2play what u testified 2 in ur depo: "did u yell at him?" "At some point in the afternoon, it took so long, I was a little firmer.

Then I had been prior. Did you yell at him? I was firm. How was he? Whn u have press conference, whn he looked hung over..."

Was MJ emotional paralyses mess? Well no... Back to live examination,,

WE ARE GOING TO BE HERE ALLLLL EFFING YEAR!!! ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION..... I'm in bliss watching this roach squirm

Sir were u lying, in the email, the depo or here? RP chattering away.. Panish asks R u going 2keep talking, Phillips stops, thn starts again

Sir which is true, the email! Depo or this testimony? Well I've had time 2prepare4 this now. So u lawyers tod u what to say

No I have more recollection now. So u remember more now then u did 18ths from now, and at time u wrote that email? Well ah ah ah

PLAY THE DEPO: "MJ is locked in the room drunk & despondant"
RP reads email. Did u scream at him? Well no, that was an exaggeration

Back 2live??. Did u tell any1esle Mr JAXN is paralyzed self loathing mess? May have said it 2few people in my firm

Do u know Mr Loafer? Erm yes. He's been 2 ur home? Well yes. He's ur friend? He was in the car the day MJ died. LETS PLAY UR DEPO

shows email 1st, did u read this 2 help u prepare to testify? No. Actually there is part of this i saw prior to coming here

Does Mr Loafer work with u? Well I had management co, and he did... Does he work with u? Yes 4 my company Phillips

Was he working 4 AEGLive4TII? He was in London, then he went here n there. Sir DID HE WORK 4AEG?No.

He wasn't stationed in Mr Jackson room? Bla bla bla bla.. ANSWER THE QUESTION. Judge: answer the Question, ur honor it not yes/no answer

He was helping 2 take care of MJ, no one was caring 4 MJ, he was looking out 4 MJ. Bla bla HE WASN'T A SPY
.(did Phillips just say that)

Sir what's the subject line? Securing accommodation Yes Mr Panish this is one of 9000 emails, who told u that? Well, my attorneys...

Siegel was getting house for Dr Murray. More blah blah blah,, lets show email....

Shows email, seen that B4? Yes sir. That's a email from Rashid Sigal 6/24 what was she advising of, what's subject matter la bla bla..

Panish discussions with Judge for the contract produced by Putnam/Stebbins for Hulk with date in eligible. Stebbin says that's all they have

Tom M?? Wasn't confident MJ could do 30 shows, right? I don't see it. Ok let's play depo? I see it. We will play depo

So know u read it? Yes. Ur CEO said MJ couldn't do 30 shows? U want 2 read it. Judge; Just answer the question. Yes

Email:feb 27 this what u wrote 2 PG? Yes. This is bout whose logos will be on the Merc, concert west, AEGLive

"I don't give a fuck bout this, I am more worried bout MJ, "

I don't cuss as much as u think. Plz read it? Reads further

U admit u were concerned bout MJ breaching the contact and leaving u with a Mess on ur hands? Let me be clear, we hadn't sold tick

Sir u were already worried bout MJ? Not really we knew bout MJs credibility. U weren't concerned? Well his career would've been over

Plays depo:"Gongware replied 2 ur email? Yes. U rote,"we want our players not 2 back off, MJ won't like it if we go witho him"

So PG told u if MJ don't go u go witho him, he says MJ IS LOCKED, HE HAS NO CHOICE HE HAS TO GO, did u correct him?.

I did but not in email. Did u write bk &say, we can cancel, we can do this another time? I called him. When? From my Office

Where was he? Utah, LA, London. So where was he? He cud been anywhere. What is AEG Board? It's parent company

Then he said "I let go off Concert West? He sold CW to AEG. So he wanted a say? He sold it. So he wanted a say? He sold it to us

U r CEO right? Yes. Who views the contracts 4them? The deals 4Paul&Dan were with AEG. U knw what I'm not sure Tom wud knw

Tey were in 4 discretionary bonuses right? Yes. Who would decide on that? Tim Leiweke. OBJECTION

SO PG tells u "our plan is not to back off, we r holding all the risk, we let Mikey know just what's involved in this,,

And we go with or without him" ? Correct. How much money would it have cost him? I don't know u have to ask Paul. I did he didn't no

"We can not be forced into stopping this" was he talking bout PC or show? I don't know what he was referring to

We're u exaggerating when you said that. Was it the truth when u wrote that email? Yes

Paris is fine, please do not believe in all the media hype. Tbey are not accurate, needless to say. Thats all i can say at this time.SHES OK

FORGOT TO MENTION RANDY PHILLIPS SLAPPED MICHAEL B4 THE PRESS CONFERENCE AT 02. If I didn't need to be here I would chasing round this bldg!

Who paid rent 4 Carolwood? It came out the advance we gave MJ. mJ paid it. So $28.5mil out of pocket4AEG? .

Production cost in May closer to &27mill. Jan paid &3mill for lawsuit. &2mil foe MJ expenses..

Would be fair to say substantial amount had been put in by AEG? Yes. So they wud call u n discuss

Did they call u into a meeting May 09 to discuss TII? Well know it was oth things too. Lets play ur depo to see what u say

Depo: do u remember directors board meeting in May 09? I don't remember. Do u have any recollection of the meeting? No. End depo]

So you say there you didn't, now you say you did? Well it wasn't to discuss TII. Do they have minutes from that meeting? Prob

This is the board meeting? Yes. It says to discuss Cochello? Yes. And TIIFinance? Yes. Did u do see the finances? Don't think so

Do you remember who was there. Phillip Ansutz +++++. Mr Anschutz would attend these board meeting? Yes

And he understood these financial meetings? Yes. He questioned you about the finances? No. He own AEG? I don't know the structure

You don't know what the structure is of the company you are CEO of? I don't know. That's ok sir, you don't know, right? Right

After MJ died you made numerous statement? Yes. Did u tell the truth there? I always tell the truth. Vid plays "We hired him"

That u?Yes. Is that u in front of ur AEG building? Yes. Did u see the email that was sent around bout that? I don't remember seeing any

Alright is it true you made statements like this? Yes I did I did many. And u siad AEG hired CM on MJs behalf? Correct

Do u know Mr Bruce Black? Yes. What job does he have? He's in-house general counsel. Have u asked him bout his concerns bout these comments

That interview? OBJECTION... SIDEBAR. PANISH"I don't want to" Let's go side bar

Do u knw Mr Roth? Yes. Who is he? Public relations. He's PR? Yes. Did u say 2Roth MJ or other media that AEG hired CM 4mJ?.

Yes that was the truth. Yes, then you have ur testimony? That's funny. ....

Sir I had PG negotiate the terms of the contract 4Dr Murray? I did not. Ok I'm going to play that testimony, did u see that? Yes..

I did couple weeks ago. But u said u didn't view ur depo? I didn't they gave me a DVD. So that's all they gave u 2 prepare. Objection

Depo: "U said what after MJ told u that, well he was firm so I had PG to call Dr Murray" PG

Did u know what specialty CM had? No. Did u know he was a cardiologist? No.Did u know MJ needed a cardio? I knw after. Did u know sir? No

Depo:"can u identify any employer that u may have discussed CM independent contract? No, actually I don't know if CM had a cntrct.

Did MJ have representation when u hired CM? No. Depo: 2 ur knowledge if any did TT/FD/hawk have anyth CM being retained? I hve no knowledge

I want to change one thing, Dileo was involved. Sir did u change that when u had chance to? No. Mr Diloe isn't here 2 testify

Well U know the answer 2 that. Sir do u know what it is to testify under oath? Yes. Now u want to change ur testimony? That was mistake

U paid 4 CarolWood? I'm not sure who signed the lease, I'm not clear if we advanced it or paid it

is it true u had two meeting with CM? 2 best my recollection. U say 2 best my recollection are u going to change ur testimony? No

Was Mr JAXN there? I believe so. Was Mr JAXN there? Yes to best of my recollection. We discussed nutritions

Who else was there? FD. PG. myself. It was early June? Mid June. & did u discuss MJ physical condition? We discussed his weight so yes

Who was going to make the shakes? Dr Murray, it was going to be mineral shakes. Also cool down was discussed? Yes, MJ wud gt dehydrated

1st meeting was at Forum, did u learn anything bout mj&cm relationship? Define, they were close. Did u ask him bout treatment 4MJ? No

Isn't it true that meeting was early June, late May? Yes To best my recollection. Did u reply to the best of my rolctn in ur depo. Play depo

Depo:what did u ask CM bout his relationship with MJ? Didnt ask. What did u ask if anything bout CM bout MJ? His vitamins etc

BTW u knew in June CM was cardio? Mr Panish I'm not trying 2 deter u but I didn't know till after MJ died. Ok let's play depo

Isn't it true u knew June 20 CM was a cardio? No. Depo: erm no I knew he wasn't a psychiatrist, he had a speciality,heart clinics

Sir that ur attorney questioning you and u testified to HIM u knew in June, b4 MJ died that you knew CM wad cardio? Well Yes, I know now

You wanted to make sure that Dr Murray made sure that he got the shakes for Mr Jackson, right? Well Yes

Did u tell anyone bout MJs weight loss? Yes I did. You also told LAPD? Yes. Ur attorneys were there? Yes. HW many? 3

Who was there? Putnam. Trell.?. Do u remember telling them u had meeting with CM 3wks prior 2 MJ passing. Did u tell truth?

Well there were lots of mistakes, they didnt let me check it for accuracies. U didnt let them at the interview? Yes.

Do you think LAPD were out to get you sir? I'm not a conspiracy theorist)

LAPD interview "Randy stated Kenny got in Michaels face at which point Dr Murray admonished Kenny" I didn't say that..

You didn't say it? No. Did Putnam say it to them! Did Trell say it to them... did any1 get into any1 face? Yes Dr Murray got into ,,,

...Kenny's face to stop being a amateur psychiatrist. Do u think LAPD have it in 4u? No. Do u think they r after u? I think they r finest

So all the rest is correct? Yes. Judge: is that the only thing that is incorrect? Yes, no there is one more I didn't tour with MJ b4

Did u know bout email frm Mr Gongaware saying WE had toured with MJ b4? That was Paul, yes it's easy 2confuse? It wasn't me. But it WAS Said

Sir u started 2 see pressure in Mr Ortega? Pressure what do u mean. U began seeing pressure in Ortega sir? .................yes

And MJ was not turning up at rehearsals? True. Just a correction MJ was turning up. Was he concerned or not? Yes

When MJ was not turning up u called CM? No, Frank had him call me. Lets play ur testimony from CM trial?

Did you tell the truth there sir? I always tell the truth.. Objection.. Judge reading transcripts first.

Judge ask how much Panish wants to play? Well is from page... Sustained

Ok, did u have a conversation with CM? ........ Ur honor plz ask him to answer. Judge tells Phillips to answer........RP bla bla. No answer

How long did u talk to CM? 20 mins. How many calls did u have with CM? U subpoenaed my phone records u should know. Panish2Judge2phillips na

Ur honor plz ask him to answer. Judge: I have told him repeatedly.. Panish: u r the judge, tell him.........

Who told u we subpoenaed ur phone records? I heard it at depos. Sir it was LAPD? Oh. So u just testified to Somthing nt true? Yes sorry

Sir you were concerned MJ missed rehearsals? No. Were u getting reports 2days b4 MJ death,MJ nt doing well? May have, no

Panish wants to Play depo: objection?...shows exhibits to Stebbins and Phillips, depo

"Were u given reports MJ wasn't doing well 2dys b4 he passed? No. What Akan is writing here did u gt this? I don't remember getting email

Well see this frm PG" Frank I have requested face2face meeting CM, remind him it's We pay his salary" this forwarded to me?

Do u remember that email PG saying to remind CM whose paying his wages? I don't remember. See Where it says we want 2 remind HIM. Yes

You know he's talking about Dr Murray? Yes. And ur attorney objected cause u don't remember seeing this email? I need 2see it

I'm going to play it for you what u said? Ok, thank you. DEPO: did PG ever communicate 2 u we want 2 remind him whose paying his wages? No

You don't remember getting this email? No. This is 1st time u read this here 2day? Yes. U FW the email?

Is It same email trail. Looks like it? PG FW 2 u & FD? Don't remember seeing it. Did u ever admonish PG 2say it's nt accurate? No

That was ur email address? Yes. Were u concerned MJ commitment 2 the tour? No end depo

Firt when shown u said my name not on it, then u siad u didn't see it, when shown it was sent 2 u u said u dont remember

But u never changed ur depo? No. That's three stories u told, never got it, don't remember getting it, don't remember? "Yes Mr Panish"

U dont remember doing anth bout itit? Well I was paying Attention 2Kennys email. Could u answer my answer?

And Kenny's email were 5dys later? Earlier. No later, so you couldn't have been concerned bout Kenny's emails? Object, overruled

Were u talking bout these email. How many of theses r frm Kenny, there was no emails frm Kenny? I assume MJ went 2 rehearsals

My concerns started on the 18. Sir I asked u if u did anyth in response 2PG emails? I got confused. Question repeated?

I can't remember that time. U couldn't hve been concerned bout a email frm kenny, cause Kenny had not emailed? Correct Yes

And there was anoth meeting after this? This was same meeting. But u said that was early June? Now I see emails I remember.

Did u correct your depo? No it was a mistake. So that's another mistake u made? Yes it was. What's a intervention? ...

If something is wrong in productions then. You don't think an intervention is to help someone of meds? No in my mind it's production

Sir was there a intervention 4MJ? Yes but it wasn't drug related. Did u write this email sir? Yes. Did u review b4. Yes

".......had intervention with him, getting him to be focused is a problem.........."

Are u friends with Tohme? He's MJ manager. Was he fired by him? Bla bla bla bla. Sir can u answer?



WHAT WERE U DISCUSSING? I don't remember, Putnam was talking 2 Tohme attorney. It has 2do with his suit against MJEstate

Why was Putnam there? He's my attorney. Who set up the meeting? I did. OBJECTION....... Overruled

Lawsuit-claim was he wasn't paid by MJEstate, did u testify? Yes. What happened? I was questioned by Weitzman, mordabbler. TT had lawyers 2

Is it ur testimony under oath that when u hired CM MJ had a manager?......yes acting manager TT... Dileo

We advanced Mr Dileo &50,000 at MJs direction, so he was manager. Did he have contract with AEG? No. Panish shows payment 5/2 of $50,000 2FD

ir u r personal manger? Yes. U deal with career strategy? That true. U were introduced 2 TT when? 08

How many times have u met TT? Probably 5 times through TII? R u trying 2favour TT2gt money out of MJ estate? No, I just spoke the truth

Did u meet with the Estate first? Yes. What did u talk about? Don't remember. U dont remember frm 1mth ago? Don't remember what I ate bk thn

I'm not asking u what u ate. Sir u met Tohme b4 u met him at CC meeting? No. Did u have any background on him? No

Did AEGLive had agreement with Dr Tohme? As part of the touring, yes. I want 2show u agreement AEG+TT co? &MJ

Where does it list MJ? On sig page. Is it common in the industry 4 promoter 2pay the manager of artist? In MJ case always happened in past

Can u name any oth? When I was going to be MJ manger I was going to be paid? Can u name any other SIR? Yes One, Bon Jovi

Who drafted MJ contract? Trell or Kathy Jorrie. Who was reping MJ? Dennis Hawk. U sure bout that? Yes. PLAY DEPO

Whilst depo vidoe was being set up Panish continued Examination.. Then court was over,, so nxt two r last tweets of the day.

Did u talk to Sharon Osbourne bout TII? Not to the extent she eluding to. What do u mean eluding,, objection over

What is she eluding to? I don't know. But u said when she was eluding, what was she eluding to? Bla bla bla bla........Don't knw

How much did u make for cancelled tour? We gave most back. How much did u keep? 7/8%. How much is that? It wasn't significant

Court tomorrow starts at 1.30pm....with Phillips back on the stand...... See you then. Thank you God Bless
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 12:24 am

posted by Nimue on Wednesday, June 5th 2013 @ 8:41 PM


ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 1h

Katherine Jackson was not in the courtroom today for today's trial session. We were told she's naturally concerned with granddaughter Paris.

Brian Panish resumed questioning. He showed several instances where Randy Phillips said one thing in deposition, another while on the stand

Panish asked Phillips which answer was right. He answered: "Do you want the truth or do you want what I testified?"

Panish asked Phillips if he knows the corporate structure of AEG Live. He said it was under AEG, but he doesn't know who exactly owns AEG.

Panish showed a board meeting agenda on 5/26/09, in which they were to talk about MJ's tour.

Panish played the interview Phillips gave Sky News saying AEG hired Dr. Murray. Phillips said he meant AEG hired the doc on behalf of MJ.

Phillips said AEG's media person set up several interviews for him after MJ's death.

Phillips said each interview was different, but the intention was to say AEG hired Dr. Murray on behalf of MJ. "It's called the truth."

Phillips said LAPD's detective made a mistake in the written police statement attributed to him.

Phillips said he never told LAPD "Randy stated that Kenny got in Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy..."

"The police made a mistake," Phillips said. "He (detective) misconstrued what was said and made a mistake."

Dr. Murray got in to and admonished Kenny Ortega and told him not to be an amateur doctor, Phillips said he told the police.

"I believe the Los Angeles Police Department is a fine entity as I believe in this judicial system," Phillips explained.

Phillips pointed another mistake in LAPD's report. It states Phillips/Gongaware produced 2 MJ's tours but Phillips said he wasn't involved

As to MJ missing rehearsals, Phillips clarified: "MJ was showing up to rehearsal, just not to enough of them, in Kenny's opinion."

Phillips remembers one phone call with Dr. Murray that lasted probably about 25 minutes.

Phillips told Panish he'd know how many times he called Dr. Murray because the attorney subpoenaed the exec's phone records.

Panish said he never subpoenaed any phone records, that it was LAPD that did it. Phillips said he made an assumption.

The only phone call Phillips remembers is the one that Dr. Murray called him on June 20, 2009.

In his deposition, Phillips said Paul Gongaware never communicated to him about the email that AEG, not MJ, was paying Dr. Murray.

Phillips said at the deposition it was the first time he ever saw Gongaware's email.

Panish showed the email that was forwarded to Frank DiLeo and Phillips was cc'd containing the mention that AEG, not MJ, pays Dr. Murray.

Phillips said he never received the email. Then, after being shown the email at depo, Phillips said he didn't remember receiving it.

On the stand today, Phillips said he received Gongaware's email. Panish grilled Phillips pointing out he changed his answer three times.

Phillips said he answered the same thing, but with different qualifications.

"Frankly, I don't remember reading Paul's email, I was more concerned about Kenny's email," Phillips said

At this point, most jurors seemed to be tuned out when Phillips didn't give straight answers

Panish showed an email dated 6/17/09 from Phillips to Dr. Tohme:

Kenny Ortega, Gongaware, DiLeo, his doctor named Conrad from Vegas and I have an intervention with him to get him to focus and come to rehearsals yesterday.
Getting him fully engaged is difficult and the most pressing matter as we are only 20 days out from the first show.
Phillips said it was not an intervention, but a meeting. He said it had nothing to do with drugs.

Phillips said he had lunch with Dr. Tohme in Beverly Hills within the past month. Panish asked if Phillips discussed Dr. Tohme's testimony.

Phillips said he didn't, but Marvin Putnam, AEG's attorney, was also present.

Phillips said they discussed something regarding Dr. Tohme's case against MJ's estate. He said he doesn't remember talking about this case.

Panish: Isn't it true, sir, that when Dr. Murray was hired no one was acting as MJ's personal manager?

Phillips: He had someone in that capacity. My understanding Frank DiLeo was his manager.

"We never hired Dr. Murray," Phillips said. Phillips said AEG advanced DiLeo $50,000 at MJ's direction.

Phillips said he didn't know anything about Dr. Tohme in January 09 other than he was a consultant for Colony Capital and repped MJ.

Phillips said in MJ's career they always paid his personal manager. Phillips recalls AEG paying artist's manager 1 other time, for Bon Jovi

Panish: Did you talk to Sharon Osbourne about the show? Phillips: No, not to the extent that Sharon is alluding to we did.

Phillips said he ran into Sharon at the lobby of their building. She asked how it was going, he said it's tough but we're going to get there

Phillips said the encounter with Sharon Osbourne was just a hi and bye. They never talked about ticket sales or anything else related to MJ

93% of the "This Is It" tickets sold were refunded, Phillips said. "7-8% people elected to hold the tickets as souvenirs."

Out of $75 million in sales, AEG kept more than $5 million, which Phillips said they gave back to MJ's estate.

Court adjourned at this point. Session tomorrow begins at 1:30 pm PT. a juror has a graduation to attend in the morning.
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 12:27 am

posted by Nimue on Thursday, June 6th 2013 @ 2:37 PM

Yesterday after hearing about Paris attempt of suicide I made a prediction. I said that next, would be a request to remove Paris from the witness list at AEG trial, since she is a minor under stress. It seems my first prediction it coming to happen

Defiant Concert Promoter Could Still Call Paris Jackson To Testify In Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Despite Suicide Attempt

Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson will fight plans by entertainment powerhouse AEG to still call troubled teen Paris Jackson to testify in her late father’s $40b wrongful death suit, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Lawyers for the Jacksons are preparing to formally oppose the move to put Paris, 15, in the witness box, sources connected to the case said.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the daughter of the King of Pop slashed her wrist because she was “emotionally distraught” over having to testify in the civil case against AEG.

One source close to the defense said Thursday: “At this point, there are no guarantees that AEG won’t call Paris as a witness. Paris is a plaintiff in the case and Katherine’s lawyers said in the media that she is their primary witness and couldn’t wait to put her on the stand. This was said before the suicide attempt.”

Before Paris was rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital in the early hours of Wednesday after a bid to take her own life, the teenager was listed as a witness along with grandmother and guardian, Katherine, brother Prince Jackson and Jackson’s ex-wives Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe. Attorneys for the plaintiffs have listed 97 possible witnesses and the defense 113.

The defense insider added that “nobody wants to put Paris, Prince or Katherine, for that matter, on the stand, but they are the ones suing AEG.”

“It’s just a tragic situation all the way around,” the source said.

But a source close to the famed music family told Radar: “The last thing this young lady needs in her life is to get up on the witness stand and be grilled by lawyers. Katherine’s team will argue that since Paris has already been deposed, that should suffice. It can be read into evidence for the jury to hear.”
On Wednesday, Kevin Boyle, one of Katherine’s attorneys, told the media that there was no pressure being placed on Paris to testify, from their side.

“It is AEG who is putting this case at Paris’ back door,” he said.

In response, a lawyer for AEG, Marvin Putnam, insisted the concert promoter still had not decided who it was going to call.

“We have to know what they’re putting on as a case before we decide what our defense will be,” he said.

“There’s a 15-year-old girl and something incredibly tragic has happened that none of us know why and I think it would really be in everyone’s best interest and particularly in her best interest if rather than blowing this up into something else, that they were given a little bit of privacy to deal with something that has to be a tragic, tragic moment for all of them.”

“She’s 15,” he added. “Someone should give her a break.”

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posted by Nimue on Thursday, June 6th 2013 @ 7:28 PM


ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts

Day 25 in trial of Jackson family vs AEG wrapped up. AEG's Randy Phillips resumed testimony. Jackson's attorney Brian Panish questioned him

Neither Katherine Jackson nor any family members attend trial today. No one talked about Paris Jackson.

Panish asked Phillips who subpoenaed his phone records. The exec confirmed it was LAPD.

Panish went thru some of the calls Phillips made. On 6/18/09, Gongaware sent an email to Phillips with all of Dr. Murray's phone numbers.

Panish: Do you normally carry around all the contact numbers of your artist's personal physicians? Phillips: Absolutely not!

"Most of the artists we don't deal with their personal physician," Phillips explained.

Next Panish referred to the email with the subject "Trouble at the Front" from Bugzee saying MJ went home without stepping foot on stage.

"I think I read this email before I went to bed on 6/19," Phillips said. Panish pointed at deposition Phillips said he read it after sunrise

"I don't want to argue with you either, I don't think it's fair to the jurors," Phillips told Panish after a short exchange between them.

"Since the deposition, my memory had gotten better because I was given documents and tried to remember what happened," Phillips testified.

Panish: You are not a drama queen, right? Phillips: Sometimes "Yes, I'm under oath," Phillips joked about having to tell the truth.

What changed from your deposition and today? Nothing, absolutely nothing, just that I'm very prepared, Phillips answered.

Panish: Did Mr. Jackson have a problem on June 20th? Philips: Absolutely

Panish asked if Phillips remembered his reaction after receiving this email. "Yes, yes. Concerned," Philips responded.

Panish showed video of Phillips' deposition where said he didn't remember how he reacted when the received the email.

Tim Leiweke was Phillips' boss at the time.

Within 19 mins of receiving Bugzee's email on the evening of Jun 19, Phillips forwarded Bugzee's email adding "We have a real problem here."

Just over four minutes later, Leiweke responded the email asking for a meeting between him, MJ, Phillips and Kenny Ortega.

Phillips said he forwarded the email to Ortega and asked him to set up the meeting. Ortega responded yes to the email next morning.

The meeting Tim asked didn't happen that day, Phillips explained. But there was a meeting in the afternoon of June 20th, he said.

Bugzee replied back to Phillips that MJ needed a shrink and trainer, deteriorated in front of his eyes for eight weeks.

"That's what he wrote, I'm not sure exactly what he meant," Philips said.

Panish asked what Bugzee said about the 360 turns: "He was telling me MJ couldn't do a 360 spin."

"I know what he said, but until we had the meeting I didn't know what was going on," Phillips said.

Panish: It shows someone's physical condition deteriorated, right? Phillips: It shows that there's a problem, Yes

"The word deteriorate may not be what happened. I didn't know what was going on until we had the meeting," Phillips said.

Phillips then forwarded the email chain to John Branca, Joel Katz, Tim Leiweke (his boss), adding "Unfortunately we are running out of time"

Phillips received another email from Bugzee saying MJ was shaking and couldn't eat, Ortega had to cut his food, feed him.

Phillips answered the email saying he was not sure what MJ's problem was, chemical or physiological.

Panish went thru 5 different answers Phillips gave as explanation for this email, from not knowing what chemical means to possible drug reax

Ortega then sent another email to Randy, saying he believed MJ needed to be psychologically evaluated.

Phillips testified today he agreed with what Kenny said. In his deposition, Phillips said he didn't recall.

"I'm not responsible for Michael's health, he's an adult, he had a personal doctor," Phillips said.

Phillips testified he didn't contact any psychologist or psychiatrist after Bugzee and Ortega said MJ should be checked out by one of them.

Phillips testified he never said he was going to pull the plug on the show and never threatened MJ with pulling the plug.

Panish asked if Phillips ever told Ortega it was not his job to question MJ's health/doctor care. He replied no.

Branca responded to the email from Phillips saying he had the right therapist/spiritual advisor.

The email does not name who the doctor is, but Phillips testified shortly ago that he remembered a name. He said he was wrong about it.

Some jurors shook their heads when Phillips and Panish argued with each other and judge intervened.

Panish: Did Mr. Branca ever tell you who the psychiatrist was? Phillips: No BP: Did you ask him for the name? RP: No

Panish: Did you ever do anything? Phillips: Only the meeting on the 20th

Michael Kane was MJ's business manager. On 6/20, he responded to Phillips saying "And I thought it couldn't get worse."

It was response to Phillips' email "This is y it's impossible 2 advance any $. He may unfortunately be in anticipitory breach at this point"

"He (Kane) asked for a million dollars to pay for Mr. Jackson's bills," Phillips testified.

Panish: You anticipated MJ would breach the contract by not showing up to rehearsal Phillips: Yes

None of our agreements have artist need to rehearse, Phillips said, but the artists want to perfect their show, he said.

Phillips said if MJ's lack of appearance caused production to not complete, show not open in London, MJ could be in breach of his contract.

"Required is a little too strong, I was concerned that if he didn't go to rehearsal Kenny could not finish the production," Phillips said.

"I felt Michael had that obligation, yes," Phillips said about MJ needing to be at rehearsals.

If MJ said he didn't need to go to rehearsals, he could've been in breach of this contract, Phillips said.

Phillips would not advance any more money to MJ on June 20th because Michael may had been in breach of contract already, Phillips testified.

"AEG Live would've survived it (show) not happened," Phillips said. He agreed that part of his concern was that AEG Live would look bad.

Panish talked about the email Ortega sent saying MJ needed a strong therapist and immediate physical nurturing.

"I think he needed both, so in this case I'm not sure he meant therapist or psychiatrist," Phillips said.

Panish made a mistake in one exhibit and Phillips reacted immediately. "See, we all make mistakes," Phillips said.

Panish quickly responded "I haven't made 50 of them" to which Phillips said "I don't know, I haven't watched the entire trial."

Kane asked Phillips in an email on June 20: "Would a financial coming to Jesus speech help or add to his pressure?"

Phillips said the meeting with the doctor was at the request of Frank DiLeo. Judge then adjourned session for today.

There no trial tomorrow and Randy Phillips resumes testifying on Monday at 9:30 am PT. Hope to see you then! Have a great weekend!

Murray statement released to the press about PARIS:

Heres's statement just released by Dr. Conrad Murray regarding Paris' suicide attempt: "From where I sit, all I have to give is Love I love Paris with all of my heart and I just want her to be well and happy. Upon hearing the news of her current crisis I was gravely affected. I reached out to her through my statement to let her know that I care deeply about her and I always have, and I always will. She I'll continue to be in my prayers."

♛TeamMichaelJackson♛ ‏@TeamMichael777

Phillips spent 90 mins with his attorneys today & 45 yesterday, went through some emails from yesterday

U r the face of AEG? I'm the spokesman. Did u say u r the face of AEG? Yes I may have

U told us u thought MJ had difficult day on 18. Did u speak with Dr Murray? No. Did he leave message 4U? No. Did u ever speak 2CM 18? No

Want to correct we didn't subpoena ur phone records? Correct. No1 did? Correct. It was Conrad Murray's records? Correct

Do u remember seeing this ur depo? It wasn't redacted like that. Can we have the original?

Do u see 702 that's Dr Murray's? Right. 701 u identified as urs? That's right. 1st I want to identify Wht u said yesterday

Do u remember CM leaving u message on 18th? Don't remember. U dont remember or he did it? Don't remember

Shows CM phone records, call 2 Phillips 8.14pm 47 secs. Then shows email PG 2 RP sending all CM Contact numbers & Pager

Did CM call u? dnt rmbaWas that so u could call him back? Don't remember. Did u ask 4 them? Don't remember. Do u carry all artist Dr No.? No

U learned there was prob at rehearsals with MJ 6/19? Yes. It was at night? Yes. Was it next morning? No(in depos RP said nxt mornin)

Depo:u learned prob at rehearsal morning of 20? Yes". Was that another mistake sir? Yes, I'm tryin to speak the truth

Mr Hupdaugh? Yes Buzy. Did he work on production? Yes. Did he writ u June 19? Yes now I do remember. Did u say that in ur depo? Don't know

:u dont remember getting that email from Bugzee? I vaguely remember. When did u see it last? This morning

Did it help refresh ur recollection? Yes. 2 u & Mr Gongaware, what's the subject matter? Which on. They r all same? Trouble @front

Was MJ@ the front? I presume so. "I'm not being drama queen here....company rehearsing..... Time to round the wagons" email read frm Bugs

U dont deny getting that? No. It came on 19th? Yes I read it b4 I went 2 bed. In ur depo u said 20th now u r changing ur depo? Right

What time did u go 2 bed? I don't remember, I don't want to argue with you bc it's not fair to the jury...

So you didn't remember for last four years, now it comes back to you, that u read it on eve of 19th? Yes. After u met with ur attorney.OBJN

Ur not a drama queen r u? Some times. Gongaware said u r not? Oh thank u. U swear to tell the truth? Yes. D u knw what it is to testify....

Under oath, sir? Yes. Can you read that for me. Judge:: Mr Panish..

Did ur attorneys tell u to tell the truth as u remember it, or the actual truth? The truth. Do knw what swearing under oath is?

In depo RP says he doesn't remember actingl bc he got the email. All he knows is that he acted, now changed depo

Did u always tell Mr Leiweke the truth? Yes. U wrote 2him@ what time? 10.30. So it wasn't @sunrise on 20? No.

So u remember now but not b4, read what u wrote 2 Timm L within 18mins of Bugzee emailing u? "We have a real prob here"

U knew u had a real prob? Yes. Was anyone else supplying this info 2 U b4 u wrote 2 TL? I don't remember reading Kenny's email.

Sir answer the question. Question repeated? I didn't. How long b4 TL replied? 4mins. Read email sir? "Lets set up meet u & I& MJ"

Did u discuss this with TL? No. U never spoke 2 Mr Leiweke? I may have but don't remember. Sitting here 2day u don't remember? No

Then what did u do? Email Kenny, "can u do this with me" 10.47. Did u have meet? Yes next day

U had more emails from Bugzee? Yes. U saw them this morning. Yes. Can u read it? U want me read it out. Read2urself

Now 1st email 10.14 frm Bufzee. U wrote 2 TL, KO, then back 2bugzee. Yes. Objection one say 12.36,,

"Bugzee I knw bc I had voicemail frm Kenny, what happened, I have meet tomorrow" frm RP.

Kenny was stressing concerns bout MJ? I don't know what it was, I don't know what the message was. Was he calling 2say MJ is well? Don't knw

This email is just u & Bugzee right? Yes I may have forwarded them. But these r just between U2. Yes.

What was he advising u? "My laymens tells me...I've watched him deteriorate in the last 8wks.." U had intervention? Yes but not drug related

This man who sees MJ every time, MJ is there, is telling u this? Well I don't know what he meant. Did u write bk saying what u mean? No

Did u ask him, what are you referring to, what's happening? No I may have called. Did u call Bugzee then? No

What is 360 spin. It's,,, & u need 2 b fit, talented 2 do that? Yes. Certainly saying MJ deteriorating? Well I don't knw, we were meeting

Sir he could do it now before but now he can't sir he would fall on his but? The problem had 2 b is determinate, I don't believe it was.

What was deteriorating mean to u? Going down hill over period. And MJ was deteriorating? According 2 Bugzee

Is Bugzee a drama queen? No. Does he make things up? No did u 4ward it 2 any1? Yes. Katz, Branca+++

Katz was on retainer wasn't he? No he was in downtown. Sir he was on retainer right? Yes. Did Katz rep any1 on TII? ---- Tohme

We will come back 2 that. U were concerned sir? Yes. The show must go onis this another email from that time? This erm different email chain

Lets go to bottom, u read that? Yes. On 19 Bugzee writing bk 2 u & PG? Yes. & Bugzee reports more ? Yes.

MJ ask "u aren't going 2 kill the artist"? It's in parenthesis. Plz read? Kenny had 2cut up the food... He was shaking........

Read further? "We may b getting beyond damage control here". Do u know what DC is? Yes sir

It's beyond help isn't it? Yes. Where is Bugzee? I think he's in ?.. Have u spoken 2 him? No. Is he working 4u? He maybe on Bon Jovi tour


Was there contact4 Tohme? Yes. Was there any artist u paid the manager, u mention Bon Jovi, but NOT 1 manager paid direct, was there? No

Did u write PG 1.15am? Don't remember being up that late. I go to bed early, but I will go by this time stamp.

"Tim & I r going 2 see him 2moro I don't know what the prob is chemical or physiological". Email read by RP, email written by RP

So it was pretty serious for two heads of of AEG to be emailing back and forth at early hours of the morning. What does chemical mean?.

Randy rattles on......

Sir u have given 5 explanation to what u meant by that. Lets play depo. Chemical means substance abuse? I don't knw prescription or what

Another part of depo "he could have been sick, could've been flue, could have been reaction to meds"

You thought it was appropriate prescribed medication that MJ had reaction to? Yes, He saw Klein, it could've been that. End depo.

Depo: objection: Stebbins wants to add a correction, meaning change the testimony made under oath in Randy's depo

Depo question by Putnam, what did u mean by chemical? Chemical in balance for depression. Was there any time u thought MJ was using drugs?No

So that is another correction.. Objection Stebbins now offering another explanation. So now we have another version....

Plz dont worry about the corrections Randy/Stebbins are making as the Jurors r seeing their shenanigans. Judge repeatedly asked Phillips2ans

KO writes u next day, only 2U? Right. Does he tell u he will do anyth 2help? Yes. U read it? Ok

"My concerns is now we bought Dr into the fold, played----(sorry didnt get rest of it, will post emails later)

Who is we? Me PG, could've been whole production I don't want2argue with u. But it would've included KO? Well every1 in production. Who? PG.

And Kenny? Technically he was working for MJ. Who drew up his ctrt? Kathy OR shawn. Did u sign it? I don't knw maybe. Did u sign? Don't know

What does bring him into the fold mean? Could b the meeting or a conversation. Could be focus on show

Could it have been an intervention? It could've been phone call, or yes as u r saying intervention of some sort. That's UR words? Well Yes

Panish reads "He's rambling, we need him psychologically evaluated"? I'm not a Dr, I don't know. Objection overruled

Did u agree with KO MJ should've been evaluated, u siad yes? Mr Panish we had a meeting within hrs of this. I didn't know at the time

Now u agree He should've been psychologically evaluated? Yes. Who did u contact? No one Branca mentioned he knew someone

But who did u contact, So u contacted no one? 10.30pm at night no. You never contacted ANY1? Correct.

At costume fitting u were told mJ lost more weight, Kenny said we can still save MJ? Yes. Did u threaten 2 pull the plug? No

U never threatened him he would loose all his money if he doesn't do the shows? No. You didn't discuss "pulling the plug" on TII? No

This is Mr Kane responding at 6.56am "and I thught it couldn't get worse" response to RP email FW 2 Kane

"This is why it is impossible to advance any $$$ to him, he may be in unfortunately anticipatory breach at this point" RP wrote 2 Kane

So breach means MJ had breached his contract? Yes. What does anticipatory mean? MJ may not be able to perform. Sir do u knw what means? ...

I meant something different to what the word actually means, << Phillips replies.. Then rattles on more, then apologizes

Based on Your legal studies what, i asked what does anticipatory mean? Breach of contract.

MJ was not under contract to practice was he sir? No, but if he didn't we wouldn't get the shw ready in time.

So Mr Jackson had a requirement to be at rehearsals? That's a strong word. OBJECTION OVERRULED

Ok, how about if I put it this way, there was a obligation for MR Jackson to be at rehearsals wasn't there? Yes I prefer that


So if MJ was not at rehearsal what would happen? Kenny wouldn't be able 2 get the production finished. Concerts wouldn't go on schedule? Yes

You were worried if concerts didnt go forward, it concerned u? It would have been bad for Michael

You were not concerned bout ur company? AEG would've survived, Michael would have been badly effected

Sir if the shows failed, are you telling me it would not hurt the reputation of AEG? Yes it would've. Thank you?

U reviewed this email right? Yes. U knew I was going to shw u this? Yes. Can u read it? It's hard to tell I will try

"Kenny will call you when I........ When I hear from......bout therapist....." This was u emailing? Yes. Lets see what u said in ur depo

Depo:u wrote to Ortega? Correct. "i want to get a therapist" what therapist was it? I don't know, whatever Kenny wanted/end depo

Was that a psychologist therapist? No I don't know maybe physical. Read Kenny's email, does it say "physical"? Well u have to read...

... the whole email to understand, he talks about "nurturing" (Randy rambles, then says>Kenny could've been talking bout psychologist)

Now Randy is back tracking and saying Kenny may have meant Michael needed both physical/psychological therapist.

7am-Kane "would a financial coming to Jesus's speech help" RP "it would help at this point We need2break through. I'LL CALL THE DR 2discuss"

Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 54m

Phillips said he thought Jackson was joking, but seemed to back off after Panish reminded him he wasn't at the rehearsal.

Panish wanted to play a Frank Dileo voicemail that was played during Murray trial trying to set up a meeting and get Jackson tested.

Judge tentatively rules the voicemail couldn't be played for this jury on hearsay grounds

Phillips was asked what he meant about the "breach" statement. He said he felt Jackson was obligated to rehearse.

Other AEG witnesses have said there was no requirement for Jackson to rehearse.

Hougdahl relayed a quote from Jackson that night, in which he said,
Michael Jackson wrote:
"You aren't going to kill the artist, are you?
Phillips said he thought Jackson was joking, but seemed to back off after Panish reminded him he wasn't at the rehearsal.
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 8:33 pm

posted by Nimue on Saturday, June 8th 2013 @ 2:48 PM

Other than TeamMichael and New York Post, no other media outlet reported the part of Randy Phillips about slapping Michael. Even Charles Thomson found this odd.

Concert exec says Michael Jackson was 'drunk and despondent' when final tour was announced

LOS ANGELES -- The top executive in charge of Michael Jackson's final doomed concert tour testified today he had to slap the "drunk and despondent" star on the day those gigs were announced.

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips also called Jackson "a self-loathing emotionally paralyzed mess," in a March 5, 2009, to his then-boss at parent company AEG, Tim Leiweke.

Phillips told jurors today he was "exaggerating" in those e-mails, and hopes to make them go away in this civil lawsuit being pushed by Jackson's family. Phillips doesn't want jurors to believe he and other AEG officials knew how sick he was before The King of Pop died on June 25, 2009.

"MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent," Phillips wrote on March 5, when Jackson showed up two hours late for his press conference at London's O2 Arena. "(Jackson's manager) Tohme and I are trying to sober him up and get him to the press conference with his hair-dressing/make-up artist."

Leiweke replied: "Are you kidding me?"

Philips wrote back: "I screamed at him so loud the walls were shaking. Tohme and I have dressed him and they are finishing his hair and then we are rushing to the O2. This is the scariest thing I have seen. He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self-loathing and doubt now that it is show time. He is scared to death. Right now I just want to get through the press conference."

At his deposition six months ago, before he was shown his e-mails, Phillips denied that Jackson was either drunk or despondent on the day of the president conference, and denied yelling at The Gloved One, saying he merely "raised his voice."

Phillips says he was telling the truth in his deposition, and was not accurate in his email. "I was relaying what Dr. Tohme told me... I wrote it as fast as I could write it."

Panish said, "You have to yell pretty loud to make the walls shake. Do you have a tendency to exaggerate?"

Phillips said, "No."

To another business associate, Phillips wrote: "I haven't pulled it off yet. We still have to get his nose on properly. You have no idea what this is like. He is a self-loathing emotionally paralyzed mess... I just slapped him."

Phillips admitted, "I slapped him on the butt."

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 8:34 pm

posted by Nimue on Sunday, June 9th 2013 @ 5:45 AM

Alan Duke talking about Paris taking the stand. It is interesting that he says that AEG lawyers want her on stand to ask her about her "alllegded relationship" with Michael Jackson


Even the reporter found it "weird".
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 8:44 pm

posted by Nimue on Monday, June 10th 2013 @ 8:30 PM

Update. Sorry, just one source today. It is too late and I didn't have time to look to the others soucers

ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 1h

Katherine Jackson is present in court and dressed in black polka dot jacket. This is her first appearance after Paris' suicide attempt.

Panish showed an email from Tim Leiweke (CEO of AEG) to Dan Beckerman (CFO/COO of AEG) in which Beckerman described Phillips as jittery.

"Trouble with MJ,
" Leiweke wrote in email to Beckerman on Jun 20.
"Big trouble."

Beckerman responded:
"I figured something might be wrong given how jittery Randy has been this week. Is it "pre-show nerves" bad or "get a straight jacket/call our insurance carrier" bad?"
Phillips said he was not jittery, but concerned with the show. Jittery mean shaking and he said he doesn't think that's how he was.

Phillips said Dr. Murray receiving $150k per month being the cause of MJ's sickness in June of 2009 never crossed his mind.

Dr. Murray and Phillips spoke for 25 minutes. Phillips said he didn't think the call lasted that long, doesn't recall what they talked.

"It's very possible I might have even read him these emails," Phillips testified, referring to the "Trouble at the Front" chain.

"I would not have discussed his health other than what it was in the content of the emails," Phillips said, doesn't recall the conversation.

Phillips said everyone in the "This Is It" production got a list with everyone's phone numbers. He doesn't know how Dr. Murray got the list.

Phillips testified that Dr. Murray called his home number. Phillips said he doesn't know how the doctor had his home number.

Panish showed picture of the business card Phillips gave Dr. Murray with his cell number on the back. The card was found in the doctor's car

Panish: The doctor, show manager and director were telling you MJ was deteriorating? Phillips: I don't remember what I talked to the doctor

Panish talked about email Phillips wrote to Ortega on Jun 20:
"Kenny, it's critical that neither you, me or anyone else around this show become amateur psychiatrist or physicians. I had a lengthy conversation with Dr. Murray, who I'm gaining immense respect for as I get to deal with him more. He said that Michael is not only physically equipped to perform and, that discouraging him to, will hasten his decline instead of stopping it. Dr. Murray also reiterated that he's mentally able to and was speaking to me from the house where he has spent the morning with MJ.This doctor is extremely successful (we check everyone out) and does not need this gig so he totally unbiased and ethical.


Email cont'd:

It is critical we surround Michael with love and support and listen to how he wants to get ready for July 13th.You cannot imagine the harm and ramifications of stopping this show now. It would far outweigh "calling this game in the 7th inning" I'm not just talking about AEG's interests here, but the myriad of stuff/lawsuits swirling around MJ that I crisis manage every day and also his well-being. I am meeting with him today at 4p at the Forum. Please stay steady. Enough alarms have sounded.It is time to out out the fire, not burning the building down. Sorry for all the analogies.


Phillips said he thought Dr. Murray was extremely successful based on the clinics he had and business he would've to close to go on tour

"It was an assumption I made," Phillips conceded. Panish: And that was not true, correct? Phillips: In retrospect, that's correct

As to the "we check everyone out" reference in the email, Panish asked if that was a true statement or untrue.

Phillips: It's not, it's hard to say yes or no on that. It is not true because everyone would imply everyone.

Panish: "We check everyone out" is a false statement you wrote to Mr. Ortega, correct? Phillips: In retrospect, Yes

Panish asked about the reference "he doesn't need the gig". "I made another assumption based on the information I had," Phillips explained.

"I didn't have any basis to say he was unbiased and ethical," Phillips testified.

Phillips said at the time he thought the information he wrote was true, but agreed he had no basis for his opinion.

Phillips described that in a hardly-charged situation like the one they had, he just wanted to keep the situation under control.

"I just wanted to calm things down until we had the meeting," Phillips explained.

Phillips testified he wrote email to Sony exec asking her to remind him to tell her where Dr Murray was the night he was to be caring for MJ

Judge only allowed plaintiffs' attorney to say it was a social establishment, but the place was a strip club.

As to having mental health professional, "no one brought a psychiatrist," Phillips said, "because MJ didn't need one," Phillips opined.

Phillips testified he had conflicting information coming from Dr. Murray and Kenny Ortega regarding MJ.

Panish pressed Phillips about the fact that he sent completely opposite emails to Ortega and AEG high ups.

"It was because they were sent for different purposes," Phillips explained.

Phillips said he remembers the meeting on June 20th lasted at least an hour.

Dr. Murray and Phillips were sitting in one couch, MJ was in a bench and Ortega on another couch.

In his deposition, Phillips said Ortega talked about MJ's physical and mental status.

On the stand today, Phillips explained Ortega did very little talking in the meeting. "He addressed Michael coming to rehearsals."

"I do not believe he talked about MJ's physical condition and mental state. Dr. Murray did most of the talking," Phillips testified.

Panish pressured Phillips about him changing the testimony. "My memory is getting better about the events of four years ago," Phillips said.

"The purpose of the meeting was to find out what was happening with MJ because of the events on the 19th," Phillips said.

Panish: Did Mr. Ortega say he was concerned MJ was not getting enough sleep? Phillips: I don't remember if he asked that question

"I know he asked about the food, but I'm not sure if he asked about the sleep," Phillips said.

Phillips testified that MJ's lack of sleep was not material discussed, but admits it could've been.

Panish: Dr. Murray contradicted what Ortega said in the email, correct, sir? Phillips: Yes

"Dr. Murray, said there wasn't anything wrong with MJ," Phillips expressed. "MJ said there wasn't anything wrong with Michael Jackson."

"I don't know if there was a mental problem," Phillips said, highlighting that at least Dr. Murray was a doctor.

"He just assured Mr. Ortega that MJ was fine and was going to attend rehearsals," Phillips testified Dr. Murray said in the meeting.

Katherine Jackson did no return after lunch break. Panish resumed questing of Phillips.

Phillips said Timm Wooley's reference that Phillips was responsible for MJ's rehearsal and attendance schedule is mistaken.

Meeting on June 20th happened in the afternoon, Phillips said. Panish asked if MJ was shaking in that meeting. Phillips said no, not at all.

Vase was broken in one of production meetings, Phillips explained. He said Frank Dileo, Paul Gongaware, himself were present.

Phillips said he doesn't know who broke the vase, but he thinks it may have been Frank DiLeo.

Panish: Did you have a meeting with MJ where you threatened to pull the plug and take everything he had? Phillips: No

Panish: Did you tell him he would lose everything, including his children, if the show didn't happen? Phillips:That's ridiculous, no

Phillips said MJ was a phenomenal father.

Phillips denied ever saying to anyone at the meeting that MJ was on skid row or going to become homeless.

Panish: Did you ever tell MJ you were paying for his toilet paper? Phillips: No

In the deposition played to the jury, Tim Leiweke said the reference to "mental breakdown" in the email could've been Randy Phillips not MJ

Panish played depo of Dan Beckerman, in which he said he didn't recall what prompted him to say Phillips was jittery.

Panish: Did you think that MJ needed a straight jacket? Phillips: It was a generic comment

Phillips said it was a question of "stage fright and the show will go on" or "I can't do this let's cancel" scenario.

Panish: Do you think MJ needed a straight jacket? Phillips: No, I don't think MJ needed a straight jacket.

"I wasn't jittery, but I was nervous," Phillips described.

"The meeting got a little bit heated when Dr. Murray was admonishing Kenny," Phillips recalled, but said hostile is too harsh of a word.

Phillips said lack of sleep was discussed in the June 20th meeting, but wasn't the main focus.


Phillips said the reason of the meeting was to find out what happened in the night before, what was the issue and also MJ missing rehearsals

Phillips said MJ had the best two rehearsals after the June 20th meeting.

"Kenny told Michael to take the next two days off, spend some time with the kids," Phillips testified.

Suddenly, judge decides to take a break at 2:24 pm PT and sent jury out of the courtroom.

Outside the presence of the jurors, judge admonished Phillips for not answering the questions asked.

"Mr. Phillips you need to answer questions," said Judge Yvette Palazuelos, frustrated. "Lawyers are trying to getting the answers."

Judge told Phillips that arguing with the lawyers isn't really going to help his case, it will just lengthen his testimony.

She noted his testimony is taking much longer than expected, and at this pace he will be here for another week.

Phillips told the judge he's just trying not to say the wrong things or be caught in tricky questions.

Judge: It seems like they are pretty straight forward questions, but when you offer info, it may not be good for you.

AEG's attorney Jessica Bina defends Phillips saying the questions are compound, but that she believes he's trying to answer the questions.

Panish said he wants to finish today, that he hasn't argued with the witness or judge. "I really tried hard, for me, it's hard!" Panish Said

Phillips said he understood and wants to go back to work as well. Promised to be better.

Regarding the straight jacket email, Phillips said the way he read it he can't tell if were are referring to him or MJ.

Panish pointed out that insurance was only if MJ had a break down, not Phillips. Thus, the email must've referred to MJ.

Phillips said the email he wrote saying "this guy is trying to concern me" was referring to Kenny Ortega.

"I had two concerns: wanted Kenny to be open minded until the meeting and I didn't want Kenny to quit," Phillips explained.

At this point they were about $30 million plus in advance, Panish said. Phillips said it was about $28 million, which was a lot of money.

Email on 3/13/09 from Leiweke to Phillips:

Phil (Anschutz) can be such a paranoid scrooge. He thinks he's smarter than everyone.


Phillips said again that his concern with Ortega was that he wasn't going into the meeting with an open mind and that he was going to quit.

Panish played Phillips deposition where he said he didn't remember what he was concerned about regarding Ortega.

"I think my answer today is clarification," Phillips said, adding he did not change his testimony.

In his depo, played to the jury, Phillips said there were no discussions on June 20th about MJ taking a couple of days off.

However, in court today, Phillips testified Ortega suggested that MJ take two days off.

On Jun 23, Michael Kane wrote to DiLeo and Phillips: Where does Arnold Klein stand on the list? (of doctors caring for MJ)

Phillips said he maintains his position that he didn't know what, if anything, any doctor was giving MJ prescription drugs.

"He scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something," Phillips wrote back.[/b]
Kane responded:

Well since we owe him $48k and he wants payment maybe I should stop paying him and he'll stop shooting him up I have the details of what he is doing.
Regarding the rehearsals on June 23rd and 24th, Phillips said he watched them in its entirety.

Panish: MJ never did the whole show, did he, sir? Phillips: No

"He wouldn't have, they were not ready for that," Phillips explained.

Panish: Was MJ cold on the 23rd? Phillips: I don't remember

Phillips said he watched the entire rehearsal, which lasted about 3 hours. He said MJ was engaged about an hour and a half to two hours.

Phillips said he doesn't remember whether MJ was chilled on June 24th.

Panish: Did you ever see MJ walking around in blankets? Phillips: It's possible, because the place was freezing. But I don't remember.

On 6/25/09 the insurance broker wrote to Dr. Murray at 12:54:15 pm, probably London time (approximately 5 to 5am LA time):

We are dealing with a matter of great importance and your urgent attention would be greatly appreciated.
The email talked about getting MJ's medical records. Phillips said he learned from the media that Dr. Murray had been treating MJ since 2006

Panish: This is Dr. Murray doing something to help AEG get insurance, fair enough? Phillips: Fair enough

On 8/18/09 Phillips wrote email to Michael Roth:
I think I know what MJ died of and this would exonerate Conrad[/b]


Lionel Richie's ex-wife Brenda called Philips and said MJ died of a combination of other drugs and Propofol.

Phillips said he never told police, the DA or Dr. Murray's attorneys about it because he thought the info was not reliable.


Panish: Did you want Dr. Murray to get exonerated? Phillips: I'd always want an innocent man not to get convicted

Panish played video of Phillips' deposition where he said he didn't remember what the information was but his memory has been refreshed

Judge then adjourned session for the day. Trial resumes tomorrow morning at 9:30 am PT. Panish said he has one more hour of questioning.

The attorneys estimated Phillips will be done testifying by Wednesday afternoon. We hope to see you tomorrow for complete coverage!
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 8:50 pm

Brenda Harvey Richie ‏@BrendaRichie 3h

At Everyone..... This is unbelievable! Randy Phillips was the one at the hospital not me! If anyone had that information it was himMore lies

At everyone, Randy Phillips fights battles leave innocent people alone! It is amazing what some people will do when their back against well

At everyone I got a text from Randy Phillips saying is gone! He was Lionel's Manager at the time! That was my communication at the time!

At Everyone, who is going to be Next! to cover his A$$! Come after me and I am back at you! I don't play! Tomorrow is another Day!

At Everyone I am so glad Lionel fired you Randy! Now the Whole World will understand why! Everyone Dog has it's Day!

@BrendaRichie Problem with his lies are the facts: Toxicology report had not been released at that time.

@nabilaals: @BrendaRichie whats wrong?” Randy Phillips trying to bring me in the mess they created!

@PJ4MJJ Why was Randy part of the We Are The World for Haiti???

Lionel & I fought against it! I have no idea how he started Lionel & I fought against it! For the record Lionel, Michael and I promised WATW would never be redone! Lionel and I control 50% MJ's Estate controls 50%

@wendylovesmj Also, toxicology report had not been released by the date mentioned and @BrendaRichie doesn't work in the coroner's office.

@msirismg: i was wondering if you saw what he said you told them.

“@msirismg what a shame! I hope they call you to dispute his testimony!”

I am ready! Wow” I just saw it! Hell to be paid when I am lied on!

What all did Randy Phillips say!

I was in my bed asleep when my cousin called me and told me! I thought it was a mistake and went back to sleep! I got up and texted Lionel!

is the person who told me! I watched the TV for the next 5 says and ten went to see Mother and the family!

I have known Michael since I was 17 and I have never seen him take any medication! I am brutally honest: Don't lie on me! Hell to pay!

The news went out that WATW would be done for Haiti!We through a fit! We were then told if we didn't agree we would be blamed f not helping Haiti!

@ABC7Courts And how would I know that! I don't CM, never went to MJ's house, not at the hospital! I guess heaven open and told me!

God help him. An angry Brenda Richie is someone you want in your corner, not the other way around !!!!

I have back up on everyone I cursed out about WATW! Hear me!

Prove it Randy Phillips! I want MJ's attorneys to call me to the stand!

@msirismg how on earth did he come up with that?”

You tell me! I didn't know what that drug was until that Lady Dr! On TV said it!

This is laughable! I gave him information that he didn't tell the police because he didn't know if it was reliable! What a crock of Sh$t!

Brenda Richie from the Coroner's Office! If anybody needs any info call Me! LOL Apparently I have been promoted to Head Coroner of LA!

“@msirismg: Wow what a shock that must have been to Brenda!”

Shock isn't the word for it! Pulling crap from his you know what now!

That song was not not to be touched! Another one could have been written!
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 8:52 pm

posted by Nimue on Tuesday, June 11th 2013 @ 7:42 AM

The evidence shown in court. There are different pictures from the ones shown at Murray's trial


And documents like that:

Income and Expense Declaration of Conrad Murray

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 8:57 pm

posted by Nimue on Tuesday, June 11th 2013 @ 6:29 PM

Update (still Randy Phillips)

Part 1 (Anthony - AP)

Anthony McCartney ‏@mccartneyAP 16m

Plaintiff’s attorney Brian Panish started his questioning of AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips this morning.

Much of the questioning centered on Jackson's manager relationships and “This is It” production costs.

Panish focused on a letter that Phillips sent to Jackson’s former manager Tohme Tohme on June 28, 2009, three days after MJ died.

The letter, signed by Tohme, was to confirm the Michael Jackson Co. was responsible for all the production costs for “This Is It.”

Panish also showed Phillips a letter signed by Michael Jackson on May 5, 2009, terminating Tohme’s authorization to act on his behalf

Randy Phillips said on June 28, 2009, he wasn't sure whether Tohme had authority to act on Jackson’s behalf or not.

Phillips said he didn’t read a budget of production costs that was attached to June 28 letter. Budget had $450k allocated for Conrad Murray.

Tohme signed and returned the authorization to AEG Live, but Phillips said he didn’t know how quickly that happened.

Panish asked Phillips about lucrative merchandising opportunities for AEG Live after Jackson’s death. He showed executive an email he wrote.

Phillips: “Michael’s death is a terrible tragedy, but life must go on. AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, ...(cont)

... “the touring exhibition, and the film/dvd. I still wish he was here!” _ Phillips email re: merchandise opportunities after MJ’s death.

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips told jury he did wish that Jackson was still alive.

Phillips was then asked about Tohme’s contract, which called for him to “assist promoter in the production of tour events.

Tohme’s $100k a month contract was signed by Phillips and Michael Jackson. Phillips said fee would be paid as an advance to Jackson.

Panish asked whether Tohme’s contract was a conflict of interest, since he was representing both AEG and Jackson.

Phillips: “Actually, no. Michael Jackson signed this document so he must have agreed to it.”

Phillips testified at Tohme Tohme’s hearing before the Labor Commission in a dispute with Michael Jackson’estate.

At the hearing, Phillips testified that Tohme wasn't a traditional music manager, and he didn't have a staff.

Phillips: “I don’t even know where his office was other than the bar at the Bel Air Hotel.” Some of the jury laughed when this was shown.

Panish asked Panish several questions about whether Jackson ever told him he had a sleeping disorder. Phillips said no each time.

AEG Live defense attorney Marvin Putnam had about 30 mins to question Phillips before the lunch break

These are from the morning session, mostly, FYI. I'll indicate when they switch into afternoon testimony.

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips was also asked whether he ever saw a signed agreement for Frank Dileo to work as Jackson’s manager.

Plaintiff’s attorney Brian Panish showed a May 2, 2009 letter signed by Jackson indicating that Dileo was one of his representatives.

The letter included the curious phrasing that Dileo could conduct business on Jackson’s behalf “only when instructed.”

AEG exec Paul Gongaware wrote Phillips: “This is a bit strange. “Only when instructed”? How are we to know?”

Phillips replied that they’d need a signed contract or letter with Jackson authorizing that Dileo could be paid a $50k advance.

Gongaware replied, “We just sign off and pray.” That led Panish to question if that’s how AEG did business. Phillips said no.

Phillips reiterated how difficult it could be to figure out who was authorized to act on Jackson’s behalf.

Phillips: “You needed a scorecard to keep track of who was in and who was out.”

Panish asked Phillips about statements he made regarding Jackson lacking representation in June 2009. He showed him an email Phillips wrote.

Phillips email: “... we still have no lawyer, business manager, or, even, real manager in place. It is a nightmare!”


Panish noted that Phillips in the email meant that Tohme Tohme wasn’t a real manager for Jackson.

The lawyer showed Phillips emails in which Kathy Jorrie, an attorney working for AEG, expressed doubt about Tohme.

She said she was concerned and whether he was “the real McCoy.” She also recommended a background check on Tohme.

Phillips said he trusted Tohme based on how he treated Michael Jackson. He said he thought at the time, he did a “phenomenal job.”

Before concluding his questioning Panish asked Phillips about emails he exchanged with music executive Irving Azoff.

In one of the emails, Phillips asked Azoff the “odds” of Jackson making it through 50 concerts at London’s O2 arena.

Azoff’s replied that having insurance was key. “You are a genius on this one dude,” he wrote Phillips.

Panish asked Phillips whether he was trying to act as Michael Jackson’s manager before the singer’s death. Phillips said no.

Panish cited Phillips trying to manage several lawsuits Jackson was facing and other business transactions.

Randy Phillips denied he wanted to be MJ’s manager, or that his actions were manager functions.

Panish’s final question: “You felt it was exhausting taking care of all of Michael Jackson’s affairs?”

Phillips: “Dealing with Michael was exhausting, yes.”

At this point, AEG Live defense attorney Marvin Putnam took over questioning. He started asking topics Panish addressed.

He showed an email that Phillips sent to Jackson’s assistant, Michael Amir Williams, arranging a meeting to discuss various deals.

Topic included the purchase of Neverland, settling a lawsuit over Jackson memorabilia and a perfume dead.

Phillips said the meeting was arranged at the request of Frank Dileo.

Phillips: “Michael was mercurial. It was one of the things that made him great. (cont.)

Phillips: ... “It was also one of the things that made him impossible to do business with.”

Phillips: “He would change his mind. He would change representatives -- like we change our socks.”

Putnam asked Phillips why he didn’t stop Jackson from changing reps. “How would I do that,” Phillips replied.

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips said he could not dictate who Jackson hired at all.

Putnam asked Phillips about several people involved in Jackson’s business affairs. He asked about estate executor John Branca.

Phillips recounted their history, that Branca had represented Jackson for part of his career, but the pair had a falling out.

“Michael brought him back in,” Phillips said of Branca, just before the singer’s death. Katherine Jackson shook her head.

Putnam then asked Phillips about Tohme Tohme. Phillips said he saw Jackson and Tohme as having a close relationship.

He also told jurors that he understood that Tohme had been introduced to Jackson by his brother, Jermaine.

Phillips said there are three ways AEG Live checks out people it does business with.

Phillips said no reference/background check is needed if the person has done business with AEG Live before.

The company checks references of people who it hasn’t done business with, Phillips said.

If someone is referred directly by the artist, Phillips said no check would be done. That was the case with Tohme.

Putnam then showed Phillips Tohme’s agreement for $100k a month. Phillips noted that Jackson signed the agreement.

Phillips noted that Tohme’s contract was predicated on him getting cancellation insurance, which didn’t happen in time.

Phillips said to the best of his understanding, Tohme was never paid by AEG Live.

He said that about 10 days before Jackson died, the singer asked to see Tohme.

Phillips said it was his understanding that Jackson wanted Tohme to handle some of his business affairs, including buying a home in Vegas.

He said that the plan was for Tohme and Dileo to work together as Jackson’s managers.

On the tour production expenses that Tohme approved was only part of the expenses. He said Dileo signed a similar document.

The production expenses were eventually submitted and approved by Jackson’s estate, Phillips said.

Phillips recounted a meeting at estate executor John Branca’s office after Jackson died. He said a concert expense ledger was requested then

Putnam then asked Phillips about a meeting the pair had with Tohme and his lawyer a few weeks ago at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills.

Phillips said Tohme’s lawyer wanted to meet with them. By that point, Tohme said he’d already met with Katherine Jackson’s lawyers.

Phillips said he didn’t directly discuss the case with Tohme, but wasn’t surprised that the lawyers wanted to discuss it, given the stakes.

Phillips said lunch meeting lasted about 90 minutes, but he left the table for about half of the meeting to talk to other people.

Putnam asked Phillips if there was some secret reason for meeting with Tohme.

Phillips: “If it was going to be secret, it wouldn’t have been at the Polo Lounge, it would have been in someone’s offices.”

That was the extent of testimony in the morning session. It'll take awhile for me to get to updates from the afternoon.

Putnam: "Did you meet with your attorneys over lunch?" (the jury laughed.) Phillips said yes

Putnam: "Did they show you any documents?" (Another question Panish often asks.) Phillips: "Just the menu." There was more laughter.
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ   7th October 2013, 9:13 pm

posted by Nimue on Tuesday, June 11th 2013 @ 6:37 P

Part 2 (ABC) there are differences between the 2 sources

ABC7 Court News ‏@ABC7Courts 1h

Hello from the courthouse in downtown LA. Day 27 of Jackson family vs AEG trial is underway. AEG's CEO Randy Phillips back on the stand.

Katherine Jackson is in present court, wearing fuchsia. She has no other member of her family accompanying her, just bodyguard.

Phillips said on Jun 25, the day MJ died, he was going to head to Staples Center, had no intention of going to Carolwood or pick up MJ.

After MJ died, Phillips said Jackson's costs had exceeded $7.5 million. MJ was responsible for production costs, according to the contract.

Phillips said he was not sure if MJ was the sole signatory to approve the costs or if Dr. Tohme had power of attorney as well.

On the contract, it said the undersigned Dr. Tohme Tohme represents and warrants that he is an officer of the Artist.

Phillips said he didn’t have any information that anyone else could sign and approve the expenses on behalf of MJ.

Phillips said he received a note where MJ said Dr. Tohme was no longer his representative.

Panish: Did you get anything confirming that Dr. Tohme was back in as an agent? Phillips: No

Phillips said he was concerned with MJ's weight during rehearsals. He asked his friend Loughner to assist getting Michael to eat.

Email on 7/16/09 from Phillips:

We all were worried about MJ's weight which was 130 Ibs during rehearsal
and encouraged him to eat properly since he was so obsessed w/ the creative on the show he would either meals or forget to eat
Kenny Ortega used to personally feed him and I hired a person to be his "food" person.
Panish: It says you hired a person just ot be his food person Phillips: Didn’t hire him, just did it as a favor

Phillips said his friend never got paid to be MJ's "food person".

Email on 8/4/09 from Phillips:

Michael's death is a terrible tragedy, but life must go on.
AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film/dvd. I still wish he was here!
As to Dr. Tohme: Phillips testified in the Labor Commission hearing in a dispute between Dr. Tohme and MJ's estate.

Panish asked if it's common to ask artist manager to follow promoter's directions. Phillips responded it was done with MJ's consent.

AEG had an agreement to pay Dr. Tohme $100k per month to be MJ's manager.

Panish: Does it seem to be a conflict of interest for artist manager to take direction from producer?

Phillips: Actually no, because MJ signed this document, so he must've agreed to it

Phillips said he wanted Michael to have somebody to manage him, because they needed somebody to deal with on his behalf.

Panish asked if MJ became more anxious as tour approached. "In my opinion, I never witnessed Michael being anxious," Phillips testified.

Phillips said Michael never told him he had sleeping problems.

After the lunch on May 4, Phillips said he had one phone call with Dr. Tohme, but they never discussed this case, Phillips said.

As to Frank DiLeo: Phillips said Frank DiLeo asked AEG to advance him $50,000, and he believes MJ approved it.

Phillips wrote in an email:

"I think we need to, but I am not sure how without a contract in place or MJ directing us to via signed letter."
"We just sign off and pray,"
Gongaware responded.


"But what we apply it against, I think we need MJ to acknowledge for our record and direct us. You know he has amnesia when it comes to paying people."
Phillips said he believe MJ must've had a lawyer on June 2, 2009. He said MJ used different lawyers for different things.

On 6/2/09, Phillips wrote to Jeff Wald (maker coffee table books):

Jeff, remember getting MJ to focus is not the easiest thing in the world
we still have no lawyer, business manager, or, even, real manager in place. It is a nightmare!


Phillips said he didn't mean to say that Frank DiLeo wasn't a real manager.

Phillips said he didn't act as MJ's manager. Panish asked if crisis management is responsibility of personal manager, he said lawyers do it

Part of the agreement with Michael was that AEG would buy a house in Las Vegas for the artist.

"I did not deal with MJ's affairs, but dealing with MJ was exhausting," Phillips explained.

Panish said he had no more questions at this time for Phillips. Now it's defendant's turn to question Phillips. Marvin Putnam is doing it.

Frank DiLeo was the person Phillips dealt with on behalf of MJ, the exec said.

"Michael was imperial, which made him great but also impossible to deal with," Phillips explained.

Phillips: He (MJ) would change his mind, want different things at different times.

Phillips: He would change reps as he changed socks, we needed score card to know who was representing him.

Putnam: Could you dictate who MJ hired? Phillips: No "Dr. Tohme was introduced to me as MJ's manager," Phillips said.

Phillips said MJ and Dr. Tohme seemed to have a very close relationship and Dr. Tohme seemed to care very much about MJ.

Dr. Tohme was introduced to MJ by Jermaine Jackson, Phillips said. There was a familiarity between all of them, he said.

Phillips said MJ wanted to get 'back on the saddle', so Jermaine introduced him to Dr. Tohme.

"He said Michael was determined to restart his career," Phillips said Dr. Tohme told him. "It was time for a comeback," he recalled hearing.

"The only way I dealt with MJ was through Dr. Tohme," Phillips said.

Phillips said AEG never paid Dr. Tohme because there were conditions in the contract, like getting insurance for the show, that were not met


Also, Phillips said he received MJ's letter terminating Dr. Tohme. "Dr. Tohme obviously could not fulfill his obligations then."

Phillips testified MJ told him Dr. Tohme wasto handle some of his business affairs, like purchase house in Vegas, and work with Frank DiLeo.

MJ said DiLeo would be dealing with the entertainment part of his career and stuff MJ thought Dr. Tohme was not qualified to do.

After MJ died, Phillips said MJ's Estate wanted a detailed expenditure of the production.

As to meeting at the Polo lounge, Phillips said he received a call from Dr. Tohme asking to meet since he had already met Jackson's attys.

Phillips said he picked the Polo lounge because it was a convenient and public location.

Phillips said Estate of Michael Jackson asked him to be witness for them in the Labor Commission dispute between Dr. Tohme and MJ's estate.

Phillips said Estate of Michael Jackson asked him to be witness for them in the Labor Commission dispute between Dr. Tohme and MJ's estate.


Putnam inquired about email Phillips sent to AEG's publicity rep on 8/18/09: I think I know what MJ died of and this would exonerate Conrad

"Brenda had called me to tell me that she was in communication with Michael either through a medium or directly," Phillips testified.


Panish objected: triple hearsay! Courtroom bursted into laughter.

Phillips said Michael told Brenda that it wasn't Dr. Murray's fault and he had killed himself. "I told you it was weird," Phillips expressed

Putnam asked why he didn't tell LAPD what Brenda said. "I didn't want to be in that straight jacket Dan was talking about," Phillips said


Phillips clarified he didn't think it was relevant information.

Putnam showed a letter signed by MJ on June 9, 2009 requesting AEG to advance the sum of $50,000 to Frank DiLeo.


Phillips said his deposition happened three and a half years after MJ died. He believed there were over 9,000 email turned over.

In preparation for his testimony, Phillips said he watched his testimony given in Dr. Conrad Murray's criminal case.

Phillips said he prepared himself prior to his deposition, but not like he did for testifying in court.

Phillips said he didn't believe he knew what emails were going to be used, thus he didn't want to read everything they produced.

Phillips explained he has had time to look over all the emails in detail since his depo, therefore he was able to remember the events better

"We are not a very litigious company," Phillips clarified. "I did not realize there's that 'gotcha' politics, 'gotcha' legal process."

"Even though you know the answer to a question, you want the person to use it wrong so you can use it against them," Phillips opined.

Phillips said he was not designated as PMK (person with most knowledge) or PMQ (person most qualified) for AEG

Phillips said he made only one substantive correction to his deposition transcript. Phillips said he's the president and CEO of AEG Live.

Phillips said AEG Live has at least 10 divisions, deal, with talent, produce shows, international tours, festivals.

In college, Phillips became the director of special events for students association. He graduated from Stanford in Political Science.

He went to law school at University of Santa Clara. Phillips promoted the Harlem Globetrotters. One of the stars asked to manage him.

Phillips said he thought it was a good move to start his career, moved to LA, transferred to Loyola Law School.

He started management career with Management West International, then worked at Stiefel & Phillips through 1996.

He managed Rod Stewart and Matthew Brodrick. Then they repped Guns N Roses, Toni Braxton, Prince, Simple Minds, Morrisey.

Phillips worked with MJ at this point. He represented the artist in an endorsement deal and a line of sneakers.

"He was hot as a pistol," Phillips described MJ. "This was in early 90s, right before History".

"It was one of the biggest endorsements made at the time," Phillips said. "The deal was a success."

Phillips said the line of sneakers was not successful, though. The company he made the deal was LA Gear.

"When MJ didn't like something, he was less than demure," Phillips testified. "Some of the shoes was really quite hideous," Phillips said.

"Let's stop this s**t, it's ugly, they don't know what they're doing, this stuff is s**t, they're going to ruin me" Phillips said MJ reacted

Phillips described MJ as 'incredibly sharp' doing business.

After the LA Gear deal, MJ and John Branca asked Phillips to manage MJ. He said no. His next dealing with MJ was not until 2007.

Phillips left Stiefel and Phillips to work at Red Ant Entertainment from 96 to 99, continued to co-manage Toni Braxton.

Managed group called Dream on Puffy Combs Label. Then approached by John Meglan and Paul Gongaware to start Concerts West, now AEG Live

"They wanted me to help them secure a tour with an artist named Britney Spears," Phillips explained.

Phillips said he had a very good relationship with her manager at the time. It was the first big break tour of Britney Spears.

Phillips was consultant on the tour and had a piece of the profits. After the tour, Leiweke asked Phillips to consider in-house position.

Phillips wrote the business plan over the weekend and became the president and CEO of AEG Live in 2001.

Phillips said AEG Live created Coachella festival. They used the infrastructure, equipment for another genre of music, Stagecoach festival.

Phillips talked about the residency shows AEG Live promotes in Las Vegas: Celine Dion, Elton John, Cher, Shania Twain, Rod Stewart.

Phillips said AEG Live promoted and produced Prince's most successfully tour, "Musicality" in 2004.

Phillips testified they produced and promoted Prince's 21 sold out Nights at the O2 arena and residency show in Vegas at Rio Hotel in 2006.

Artist management team: attorney, business manager, agent, broker, personal manager, generally four people, Phillips explained.

Phillips said there are two ways a tour begin: once artist releases new album, Phillips goes to the artist team and pitches the company.

Other way is management of an artist pitches the tour to AEG. "My job is to go and actually sell the concepts and ideas," Phillips said.

He described himself as "schmoozer in chief".

Phillips said superstars who fill up big arenas, like Staples, work on a 90-10 split, where 90% of profits goes to artist, 10% to promoter.

Once he wins the bid, Phillips passes the deal on to someone else within AEG Live better prepared to handle it.

"I don't think I sit on this throne," Phillips explained. "We have a very open decision-making process at AEG Live.

"I'm like manager's promoter, I think like a manager, I think in term of the brand itself," Phillips explained.

Phillips has deal w/ AEG Live where he's allowed to manage 2 acts, Dream and Lionel Richie. Dream dissolved, AEG allowed him to manage Usher

Phillips said Live Nation is about three times bigger than AEG Live. They are competitors when it comes to touring.

"I think we're a better company," Phillips opined. He said Live Nation is in the amphitheater business and AEG is strictly an arena touring.

In interview w/ Telegraph, Phillips said AEG Live was under assault by 800lb gorilla called Live Nation, planning to merge w/ Ticketmaster

"Number 1 doesn't necessary make you the most profitable," Phillips said.

"Why take all this risk in deploy capital in this way if you're not to make a profit?" Phillips explained.

"I don't particularly love music, that's not why I got into it. I love the deal," Phillips testified.

Phillips said he is told all the time to just follow their business plan and not even look at Live Nation. It is a competitive business.

AEG Live is working on a BET Music Festival on June 28. Friday: Beyonce, more mainstream artist

Saturday: Snoop Miguel and Kendrick Lamar, younger crowd Sunday: Adult contemporary: R Kelly, Boyz to Men, The Jacksons.

"We book them," Phillips said. Deal was done by someone else at AEG Live, who will be promoting and producing this festival.

Phillips talked about the difference between promoting and producing. MJ didn't have touring team or money to produce "This Is It" tour.

Phillips said it's very expensive to keep everyone on staff if you're not touring regularly. Jackson hadn't toured for many years.

AEG Live is promoting Justin Bieber world tour. It will be 130 shows over 14-15 months. "It's a very substantial amount," Phillips Said

AEG promoted The Rolling Stones, 21 shows. Putnam asked why the difference in the amount of shows.

"He's 19, Mick Jagger is 70," Phillips responded. Rolling Stones sales is gigantic, so they don't have to do as many concerts.

Putnam: Can AEG Live force an artist to perform on a show? Phillips: No, the artist has the ultimate veto power

Phillips: We live in a free society, they are not my slaves. If the artist doesn't want to perform, there's nothing we can do

Phillips said Peter Lopez, an attorney for MJ, asked for a meeting with AEG Live in 2007. It took place in Las Vegas.

"I was told by John that Michael wanted to get back to work and that's why we were there," Phillips testified.

"MJ, for all the complexities of dealing with Michael, was one of the biggest stars in the world," Phillips testified.

Phillips said MJ talked about putting out new music, do something different, constantly putting music out, every 6 weeks, and tour around it

They also discussed the idea to do mini series on King Tut and do mini movies. Meeting lasted about 90 minutes, Phillips said.

"He looked great, very animated, he talked a lot about what he wanted to do," Phillips described. "He seemed fine to me."

Phillips said he didn't think MJ was abusing prescription drugs at the time and he was not concerned with his health.

There was another meeting where Phillips said MJ showed a mini-film he called Ghost. They also discussed mini-series on King Tut.

"MJ was great, animated, clear, like the star he was" Phillips described He detailedscene of meeting where MJ threw a pencil at him, joking

"We picked London because his popularity was less diminished because of the troubles he had had," Phillips explained.

MJ ended up not moving forward with the tour then. "That was MJ," Phillips explained.

Phillips said Colony Capital, a real estate investment company, got involved with MJ's finance.

They purchased the note of Neverland from a bank for $23 million and MJ wanted to start his career again and make money.

Colony asked for a meeting with Phillips. That's where he learned about Dr. Tohme, who Phillips says was MJ's manager at the time.

Meeting happened in 2008 at the bar of the Bel Air Hotel at the request of Dr. Tohme.


"The most pressing thing for him, Michael, at that time, he was fixating in getting a house for him and his children, Phillips said.

"He didn't want to live in other people's house anymore," Phillips expressed.

Putnam showed the email from Jun 13, 2008 with plans for MJ. (the not fast, need to be controlled as much as possible email)

Perfection is expensive, and incidentally impossible to achieve," Phillips opined, saying they tried to control MJ's spending, nothing else

Putnam: How did you do controlling him financially? Phillips: Not very well, but I blame Paul (Gongaware)

Court adjourned until 9:45 am PT tomorrow. Randy Phillips will be on stand again. We hope to see you all tomorrow!
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Opening Statements / Witnesses for KJ
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